Luci Lights best camping and backyard solar light

Our Luci® Lights

Lightweight, waterproof and completely solar. Your reliable companion that lights up life.

At the heart of everything we make is the drive to enable people to go further than ever before. That’s why we create products that keep the power going, no matter where or when. By merging energy storage and connectivity capabilities with solar light, the Luci® Pro Series is a natural extension of that freedom.

Luci® Pro Series

Our most versatile, longest lasting light yet, the Luci® Pro Series is our first solar light to feature a built-in two-way USB port, facilitating two powerful new uses at an unbeatable price-point. When sunlight is limited, charge Luci® Pro from empty to full in just a few hours and watch it run up to 50 hours straight. When outlets aren’t available, give your iOS or Android smartphone an emergency charge with the power of the sun. Harness the full potential of sustainable, portable power with the Luci® Pro Series.

Ideal uses: Off-grid adventures, camping, hiking, boating, climbing, kayaking, glamping, travel


With every Luci purchased, you’re helping us deliver our clean, affordable lights to those who still live without electricity.