Luci Solar String Lights 44&
Luci Solar String Lights + Detachable Power Hub: White 44&
Detachable solar power bank
Luci Solar String Lights + Detachable Power Hub: White 44&
Luci Solar String Lights + Detachable Power Hub: White 44&
Luci Solar String Lights + Detachable Power Hub: White 44&
Luci Solar String Lights + Detachable Power Hub: White 44&
Luci Solar String Lights + Detachable Power Hub: White 44&
Luci Solar String Lights + Detachable Power Hub: White 44&
solar strings in backgrounds of friends chatting
Luci Solar String Lights + Detachable Power Hub: White 44&
String lights used in campgrounds
String lights used during car camping
Strap for solar string lights
String lights used in patio
hanging up string lights

Luci Solar String Lights + Detachable Power Hub: White 44'

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Powerful and expansive, Luci Solar String Lights + Power Hub provides up to 40 hours of energy-efficient light on a single charge. Featuring a 44 ft nylon-braided cord, 20 shatterproof bulbs, and 40 warm white LEDs, and a detachable 4,000 mAh rechargeable battery with mobile charging capabilities, these solar string lights provide illumination and ambiance to any outdoor space. With the completely detachable unit, you can remove and recharge the unit via the solar panel or built-in USB port, all while leaving your string setup intact. These weather-resistant string lights are the ultimate in overhead lighting. So whether it’s a backyard, an RV, or a cozy campsite, Luci Solar String Lights 44' turns any outdoor space into a welcoming one.

• 44 ft nylon-braided cord in expandable unit
• Detachable 4,000 mAh rechargeable battery with mobile charging capabilities
• Up to 140 lumens
• 40 warm white LEDs in 20 shatterproof bulbs
• Lasts up to 40 hours on a single charge (see details under "tech specs" below)
• Recharge via solar panel or quick charge via USB-A to USB-C cable

Perfect for:  camping • patio • RV • backyard • decks • glamping sites • indoor

Get to know the product a little better.

Product features
• Expandable and detachable design
• 44 ft nylon-braided cord
• 40 warm white LEDs in 20 nodes
• Silicone-coated 4 feet on base for stability 
• Adjustable TPU handle
• Built-in USB ports
• Water resistant: IPX4
• Operating temp: 32°F - 113°F (0°C - 45°C)
• 1 year manufacturer’s warranty

Product functions
• Unit can be detached from string
• 3 modes: Low (20 lumens, up to 40 hours), medium (70 lumens up to 24 hours), high (140 lumens up to 8 hours)
• Shines up to 140 lumens
• 2 second quick shut off
• Battery level indicator

• Lasts up to 40 hours on a single charge
• Recharge via solar or quick-charge USB (3-5 hours)
• Rechargeable 4,000 mAh Li-ion battery
• Monocrystalline solar panel

• Diameter: 7 inches (17.8 cm)
• Height: 2.87 inches (7.3 cm) when closed
• Weight: 745g (Not including USB cable)

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It's about convenience. With our new detachable system, the charging unit can be easily removed from the string for charging. 
Equipped with 20 LED nodes over a 44 ft nylon cord, Luci Solar String Lights + Power Hub can illuminate and power any space. 
Shinning for up to 40 hours on a single charge, our String Lights + Power hub is all you need for longer and brighter nights. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 70 reviews
Taylor C.
Good quality + beautiful

I really like these so far. I bought 2 sets: one for my back patio and one to take camping or evening beach/park hang outs.
I just got them and have used them a handful of times but they seem to be of good quality, they look beautiful, compact and they are easy to use. I've taken them to the beach in the evening, have them hung on my patio and they are going camping with me this weekend.

I have the smaller set of string lights as well and there are two new features that I am loving on the longer set. First is the obvious detachable hub. Not only is this perfect for when your lights aren't positioned to get sun so you can still charge them, but the issue I've had in the past with other solar lights is that the panel eventually endures too much sun and rain and doesn't work as well down the road. So I love that I can leave these lights up outside and just bring the panel in when it's too hot or wet. I anticipate they will last much longer because of this.
The other new feature that the smaller set doesn't have is the light indicating that the panel is charging! Love this feature. It seems to charge even when it's not in direct sunlight, so the indicator is reassuring.

I sort of wish it had the "flashlight" feature like the smaller set has but it's not a big deal, I still love these. Here's to hoping they last as long as I think they will!

Sarah H
Beautiful lights

Loved the lights so much. I bought the smaller one in store and decided I definitely needed the longer ones! Customer service was also amazing. My phone auto populated an old address when I was ordering them and I emailed their customer service email and they were kind enough to send me the lights. I only had to pay shipping costs which I think was very fair considering the first order of lights is sitting in a Miami apartment locker. Thanks again!! Will definitely be ordering from them in the future.

Dave Wierzba

The lights worked great and were easy to put up!

John W.
Cool little lights

I purchased these to light up the area around my pickup and MoonShade awning. I’ve not had the chance to test them while camping, but my initial impression is they’ll serve the purpose well. Small, light, well made, and durable.

Suzanne Massa
Patio lights

We love that these are solar powered & they are also easy to string and operate. The lights are covered securely and the wire on which they’re strung is also substantial. A good product that nicely illuminates our patio
—from subtle to bright.

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