Sustainable, renewable
energy for all.

A little light goes a long way

Efficient energy for everyday

With over 3 billion people living without access to clean, reliable, or affordable energy, everyday tasks are made more difficult (and dangerous) than they should be. Access to clean energy can improve health, create education equality, economic empowerment, all the while combating climate change.

Working with over 650 NGOs and non-profits, we provide clean energy to those who need it most. Through our partners we distribute clean energy options that provide a more economical and environmentally friendly approach to everyday tasks.

Household air pollution is the world’s single greatest environmental health risk. Clean household interventions such as solar lighting can improve health, livelihoods, and yield climate benefits.

After almost any natural disaster, people are left without access to electricity, causing all whole range of problems. Our lights help to provide not only lighting to those in need, but also in search and rescue missions.

Over 3 billion people rely on polluting  technologies and fuels for household lighting, cooking, etc. Our lights can help reduce the pollutants being released and help pave the wave for solar being a mode widely used tool.

We create our products with durability and longevity at the forefront of the design. This ensures that one light can replace hundreds of single-use alternatives, meaning less production of goods all around.

We truly believe that renewable energy sources will be the leading source of energy. By being early adopters of this, we hope that many others will see the benefit and follow suit.

Unfortunately, dirty energy kills people and the environment; this is the truth that we’re faced with right now. As a company we make sure that we have as little negative impact on the environment as possible while trying to inspire others.


Whether it’s on a societal level, or an environmental one, energy inequality around the world has huge affects on our global communities and atmosphere. We believe that everyone deserves access to clean, reliable, and affordable energy. Click below for our most recent impact report.
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In many places, as soon as the sun goes down, children can't study, businesses have to close, women are less safe walking outside... the list goes on. The energy options are usually either unaffordable, unreliable, or non-existent. This is where we come in.
Social impact

The safe answer to an open flame

The types of energy that are often the cheapest, and therefore the most used, are terribly noxious for both humans and the environment.

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Ways to participate

Join us in delivering light around the world by donating a light for just $10. So far, we have impacted over 3 million lives, and with your help we can do so much more!

Each product sold helps us to provide clean energy to people around the world who need it most. Through your participation, we are able to create positive social and environmental impact. Feel good about shopping!

Whether you’re looking to set up a CSR program, donate a large number of lights, or simply purchase lights for your business, a partnership with us can have an enormous impact. “Good” business is good business!