6 Reasons to Choose a
Solar Inflatable Lantern

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1. Eco-Friendly Solution

A solar-powered lantern helps reduce your carbon footprint and help preserve the natural beauty of camping sites for future generations.

2. Cost-Effective

Once you invest in a solar lantern, you can enjoy free energy from the sun for years to come, no recurring expenses for disposable batteries or fuel.

3. Lightweight and Portable

Solar inflatable lanterns are compact and easy to carry, making them ideal for backpacking, hiking, or any outdoor adventure where space and weight are crucial factors.

4. Versatile Charging Options

Luci lanterns feature versatile charging options, allowing you to recharge them using sunlight or USB-C.

5. Durability and Weather Resistance

These lanterns are water-resistant and shockproof, ensuring reliable performance in various weather conditions and environments.

6. Safe and Flame-Free

With no flames or hot surfaces, solar lanterns eliminate the risk of accidental fires, making them suitable for use inside tents, cabins, and cars.

Inflatable Solar Lanterns

The power of the sun in your hands. Portable, solar-powered lanterns for outdoors activities, RV, home, and more.

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Firmly pinch the 2-way valve and pull away from base, blow into the nozzle until fully inflated.

Will depend on model and weather conditions. Most lanterns can be charged within 8 hours and offer a USB-C port for a quick charge.

Level of brightness will vary per Lantern model, but most models offer 3 levels of brightness (low, medium, and high).

Luci Base and Pro Series lights offer a two way USB port, that allows you to charge your phone or other devices.