A Thank You Note From Morocco to MPOWERD & Amazon Disaster Relief

A Thank You Note From Morocco to MPOWERD & Amazon Disaster Relief

We love hearing stories, receiving messages, seeing photos, and getting thanks from our partners. Without their support, we couldn't do what we do, and no matter how big or small the organization is, we make a BIG impact on people's lives.

We receive stories from our partners regularly, and feel that it shouldn't only be the MPOWERD employees who see these! After all, without our customers and community, we wouldn't be here. These thank you notes are as much for you, as they are for us!

Here is a thank you note and update we recently received from HAF:

"The High Atlas Foundation (HAF), on behalf of several thousand rural families in Morocco that were struck by the earthquake on September 8th, 2023, are sincerely grateful to MPOWERD and Amazon for producing, purchasing, and delivering 4,000 solar lamps that are now being shared and utilized. On top of emitting light, the added feature of having a USB port for charging phones and other devices is a significant bonus for this product.

Municipalities of people in the High Atlas Mountains walk with emotional pain every day due to the severity of the loss of loved ones, homes, and households filled with essential items needed for everyday life alongside sentimental ones. Giving is very practical and necessary, but it is also a part of healing; the gesture embodies recognizing, remembering, empathizing, understanding, compassion, and mercy.

Thank you, MPOWERD and Amazon, for these lamps and all Partners who have given essential materials, finances, technical assistance, and thoughtful well dishes."

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