A Fun Way To Keep Your Fitness Resolution

FACT: 66% of people make fitness goals for the New Year, but 73% of those that make those goals give up… pretty much right away. 

So what’s the deal? Are we all just lazy and kidding ourselves? Or is it that running in place and lifting heavy objects up and down for an hour or so isn’t exactly the most exciting way to stay active…

The New Year’s Resolution is a topic that comes up every year as predictably as the sunrise, and everyone you know and their aunt has an opinion.

Some say the reason fitness goals fail is the timing: instead, they advise you start your plan of action before the New Year so there’s no time to procrastinate. We’re generally thinking about what we’d like to do differently long before January 1st, but we put it off because we have a convenient excuse.

Others point to the weather – it can be hard to motivate yourself to leave the warm and cozy couch only to brace freezing temps on your way to exhaust yourself, surrounded by strangers.

We say if the gym doesn’t motivate you – just forget it. There are plenty of other, much more interesting ways to stay active year round. Our favorite? Grab a friend or two and take a walk on the wild side – literally.

In the course of a one hour hike, you can burn around 500 calories, and the best part is – your body will continue to burn even more calories later in the day long after you’ve finished. The harder you push yourself, the more bonus calories you burn! But you don’t need to go crazy to see results – moderate yet frequent exercise is proven to help you the most in the long-term.

Bonus: Scientific research done by Stanford University shows that just being outdoors is good for your mental health, too. Spending more time out in nature physically reduces something called rumination, AKA going over the same negative thoughts again and again in your head, raising stress levels.

So the next time you’re dreading the gym, consider a hike instead. Don’t have much time outside of work and worried about the short winter sun? We’ve got you covered - just grab a Luci Outdoor 2.0 – this is why we made it!

With minimal effort and some quality time in the great outdoors, you can keep your resolution and make 2017 your healthiest year yet.