Nichole Baker

Born and raised in Jackson, Michigan, Nichole Baker has found her true passion in cancer diagnostics as a Pathologist’s Assistant. A professional anatomist, Nichole lives with two humans and a SCOBY (think: combo of yeast and bacteria people often use to make Kombucha) they consider their 4th roommate. She specializes in the study of tissues, and uses her skills to further cancer research in the field; last year she did philanthropic work in Haiti, Uganda and Kenya, and she’s even started a nonprofit called Path of Logic dedicated to improving pathology services in underserved countries. As if that weren’t enough, she’s also a badass mountain biker

Nichole's journey

Armed with 200 Luci lights, a YETI bicycle, an abundance of pathology supplies, and her own personal belongings, Nichole traveled from Durango, CO all the way to Uganda to spread light, and knowledge.
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