Luci Solar String Lights +
Detachable Power Hub: 44 ft

Setup wherever you want.

No extension cords, messy wires, or power outlets needed; these string lights go where other can't. With its innovative design, the power hub is completely detachable from the string lights, meaning that you can remove and recharge the unit while leaving your string setup intact. So, whether it’s in the middle of the backyard, or the middle of nowhere, this product can live anywhere.

44 ft long
Expansive overhead lighting.

With 20 shatterproof bulbs spread across a 44 ft cord, these String lights illuminate a huge expanse of space. Shining up to 140 lumens of energy-efficient light, these solar string lights illuminate the largest area of any Luci product.

Packed full of power.

With a powerful 4,000 mAh rechargeable battery, String 44' can provide up to 40 hours of light on a single charge. With mobile charging capabilites, the Power Hub can keep your devices charged for when you're off-grid, or simply relaxing on your hammock in the middle of the yard.

Powerful, expansive, and with a completely detachable power hub, these Solar String Lights turn any outdoor space into a welcoming one.

Neatly packed away into an expandable and portable unit, these string lights can be easily transported wherever you go. Looking for a more permanent setup? With its completely detachable unit, you can remove and recharge the unit via the solar panel or built-in USB port, all while leaving your string setup intact.