Meet Eric

Polar adventurer, expedition guide, environmental advocate, and endurer.

Eric wakes up every morning with purpose and dreams of freezing temps. Originally from Wisconsin, Eric lives and adventures with his family in Crested Butte, Colorado. He has an extreme passion for ice and connecting people to "the last great frozen places in the world." He focuses most of his time on long freezing cold "suffer fests," as he calls them, but also appreciates biking, bike packing, and multi-sport adventures. He is an accomplished adventurer who has skied (and sometimes swam) to the North Pole six times (three full and three partial expeditions) and is the first and only daring human on Earth to hit up the North Pole, South Pole, and Mount Everest in a single calendar year. Remarkable just doesn't cover it. His impressive list of personal accomplishments is long. He was recently recognized as a finalist in Outside Magazine's 20 Most Influential People in the Outdoor Industry in 2022 in the Athlete category. Eric is widely recognized as a trailblazer and changemaker.

Eric has his mittens in a few projects and advocacy initiatives. Aside from being an extreme sports athlete, Eric is organizing the first ever BIPOC arctic training and scholarship program, is an avid advocate for responsible and sustainable tourism, and feels strongly about the environment and renewable energy options, like solar!

Between expeditions, Eric maintains an active lifestyle with photography and videography, public speaking and media events, and the extensive preparation that goes into mountaineering and polar expeditions while spending as much time camping and adventuring with his family as possible.

Despite a challenging cancer diagnosis a few years back, Eric has not let that stop him. He has endured much on his journey to recovery and continues to live with the mission of making a positive impact on others and the planet. Nevertheless, he is back to “having fun and doing good” - a daily motto he lives by.


Favorite MPOWERD Product:

"I've had a Luci Original light forever. It's so good!" 

An ideal weekend for Eric?

(You guessed it - more suffer fests.)
"Flat ice and no polar bears! Honestly, I love being outside in any capacity. However, because I spend so much time on long freezing cold suffer fests; ideally, I'm camping somewhere with my family. A nice campfire. Most likely, I would have ridden my bike somewhere, too."

We all want to change and improve our world. What is the most important thing that you would change or fix today with the snap of your fingers?

When considering what he might change in today's world, he prefaced with how important and monumental a question that is (we agree). "I think how we value the environment would dramatically change how we use resources and move the needle dramatically on renewable energy." Insta: @elexplore FB Polar Explorer Eric Larsen

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Get to know Eric a little better. Check out his Instagram account for stunning polar photography and more.

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