Eric Larsen


Favorite MPOWERD Product:

"I've had a Luci Original light forever. It's so good!" 

An ideal weekend for Eric?

(You guessed it - more suffer fests.)
"Flat ice and no polar bears! Honestly, I love being outside in any capacity. However, because I spend so much time on long freezing cold suffer fests; ideally, I'm camping somewhere with my family. A nice campfire. Most likely, I would have ridden my bike somewhere, too."

We all want to change and improve our world. What is the most important thing that you would change or fix today with the snap of your fingers?

When considering what he might change in today's world, he prefaced with how important and monumental a question that is (we agree). "I think how we value the environment would dramatically change how we use resources and move the needle dramatically on renewable energy." Insta: @elexplore FB Polar Explorer Eric Larsen