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Seungah Jeong, President & CEO

Board Member

With experience driving the growth of companies at varying stages of the acquisition process, Seungah Jeong brings to MPOWERD the expertise and insider knowledge accumulated from almost two decades of senior executive leadership in CPG. After key managerial roles at Procter & Gamble and NARS cosmetics (a subsidiary of Shiseido Inc.) Jeong co-founded NEST Fragrances, quickly developing the brand into one of the most successful luxury lifestyle fragrance companies in the market. While serving in a variety of key leadership positions, most recently as Chief Operations Officer, Jeong played a critical role in the management and structure of virtually every facet of the business – from product inception and operations to sales plans and marketing initiatives. As a strategist, she addressed the business needs of the burgeoning company through the creation of several separate business units within the structure of NEST itself, positioning the brand for equal viability in the mass marketplace as well as the licensing and private label sectors, leading to their acquisition by Tengram Capital Partners in 2012.

Joining MPOWERD as CEO is a homecoming of sorts for Jeong, whose passion for environmental sustainability led her to double major in Philosophy and Environmental Studies at the University of Chicago before earning her Masters in Geography (Environment & Development) at the University of Cambridge in England.