Michael Pecoraro

Board Member

Michael Pecoraro is the Chief Investment Officer and Co-founder of White Pine Investment Management, an investment management firm with a quantitative approach to managing client funds across securities such as, fixed income, equities, currencies, and commodities.  He is a well-seasoned investor with skill sets in both tops down macroeconomic investing as well as bottoms-up quantitative approach to managing investments.

After graduating from MIT in 1992, Michael embarked in a distinguished 17-year career at JPMorgan Investment Management.  Starting in a research role, he developed cutting edge prepayment, option-adjusted spread, option-adjusted duration, and interest rate models for valuing mortgage-backed securities.  After moving to portfolio management, he posted the highest 7-year outperformance for mortgage-backed-securities in the ERISA space ending.  Through his successful investing, Michael rose to the role of Chief Investment Officer of JPMorgan Asset Management, leading a team of over 40 investment professionals managing over $300 billion in Fixed Income Assets across various products and strategies.

Since leaving JPMorgan at the end of 2008, he has embarked on several entrepreneurial ventures in investment management.  Michael brings a strong understanding of global macroeconomic trends, seasoned risk-management techniques, as well as unparalleled quantitative approach to problem solving.