The Worthy 100

The Worthy 100

Introducing the Worthy 100—a list showcasing over 100 entrepreneurs working to make a serious impact both personally and through their businesses.

Once upon a time, you might’ve been reading this same magazine for the Power 100 list. But a new era is emerging, and so we at Worth decided it was time for an update. Thus, the Worthy 100, a list showcasing over 100 entrepreneurs working to make a serious impact both personally and through their businesses, was born. On this list, you’ll find entrepreneurs like Chobani’s Hamdi Ulukaya, Lava Records’ Jason Flom and digitalundivided’s Lauren Maillian, who live and breath their life’s mission into their businesses. Because business truly is personal, as this year’s Worthy 100 show.

John Salzinger       


Industry: Retail/Tech
Year Founded: 2012

Headquarters: Brooklyn, N.Y.

About His Business & Career: John Salzinger, a serial entrepreneur and business veteran, founded MPOWERD in 2012, and it has quickly become a heavyweight in the social and environmental impact space. MPOWERD is a solar energy company dedicated to providing light and safety to people all over the world, particularly to those in communities without access to clean, harmless energy. One of the main products produced by MPOWERD is their inflatable, solar-powered lamp. These affordable, safe, and easily distributed lamps are donated in droves by the B Corp to help those left powerless by natural disasters and to replace the need for the use of harmful fuel sources, such as coal or kerosene.

Why He Made the Worthy 100: Salzinger’s MPOWERD is a mission-driven company dedicated to providing clean, safe energy to those who go without. Salzinger is acutely aware of the disadvantages posed when power is inaccessible, such as medical safety, health risks that accompany the burning of kerosene lamps, safety for women, restrictions on education and so much more. MPOWERD partners with over 700 nonprofits and NGOs to provide broader access to clean, safe solar-powered light. One of the ways that MPOWERD is able to donate and distribute thousands of solar lamps is by utilizing their consumers—with every purchase, the website makes it easy to donate $10, which provides a lamp to someone in need. Sustainability and safety are at the forefront of MPOWERD’s mission, and they emphasize this with every decision they make.