MPOWERD®’s new products are bright. Really bright.

MPOWERD®’s new products are bright. Really bright.

Introducing the latest and most innovative Luci® lights yet.


Originally published on Dec. 1, 2022 on Outside Business Journal.

Say hello to versatility and portability with MPOWERD's newest innovations. Earlier this year, the Company launched the transformative 2-in-1 Headlamp and Flashlight, Luci Beam, and the first product in its new Viri® line, Viri Rechargeable AA Batteries. Then In November, MPOWERD rolled out the third product in their popular String Lights family. Luci Solar String Lights + Detachable Power Hub provides on-the-go illumination, and accommodates more permanent setups with the Power Hub’s ability to be removed entirely from the string lights to recharge. 

MPOWERD focuses on creating innovative, sustainable products that utilize solar energy to provide an alternative source of reliable power. Since the Company was founded in 2012, its product line has expanded from its original inflatable solar light to many new product forms, including a modular solar bike light set and Luci Explore, a unique solar speaker and wake-up light.

With its strong commitment to reducing emissions and the overall global carbon footprint, MPOWERD has helped to avert over 3.1 million tons of CO2 to date, while impacting millions of lives along the way.  

"Human needs drive our impact deployments, as with the lights we sent to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Ian or in Ukraine, where many are displaced and without basic necessities," shares John Salzinger, MPOWERD Founder and Chief Business Development Officer. "The averted CO2 is the additive positive byproduct of our technologies, which are distributed by our amazing partners like World Central Kitchen, SBP, Amazon Disaster Relief, and Waves4Water."

Now, a little more about their exciting new products.

Starting with the latest, Luci Solar String Lights + Power Hub provides up to 50 hours of energy-efficient light on a single charge and features a 44 ft nylon-braided cord with 20 shatterproof bulbs shining up to 140 lumens. Along with the detachable 4,000 mAh rechargeable battery, and mobile charging capabilities, these solar string lights offer enormous versatility. While the lumen count and length are competitive, the fact that this product is completely wireless and portable is huge. The detachable design means that it can be set up wherever and whenever needed, and is designed so that it can live in the backyard or the home, with no restrictions to the location of a power source and no messy wires needed. This product is completely untethered, making it perfect for the middle of the backyard, the living room, or your RV.

The highly anticipated Luci Beam 2-in-1 Solar Headlamp and Flashlight is the first-of-its-kind and delivers up to 300 lumens in a water-resistant body. This long-lasting and rechargeable utility light can be switched from handheld to headlamp with a quick snap of its magnetic connectors. It's the ultimate dynamic duo for any handyman, crafter, fitness enthusiast, or adventurer. 

Product innovation and a commitment to environmental and social betterment are top priorities of MPOWERD. This year, Outdoor Retailer selected MPOWERD as a Finalist in the 2022 Inspiration Awards for contributions in these areas and was also selected as part of Real Leaders Top 50 Eco Innovation Award List for 2022. In addition, their products have been awarded Best for The World Changemakers, Katerva Sustainability, CES Innovation, United Nations Aim2Flourish, and more. 

MPOWERD's solar-powered products are the gift on everyone's list this year. Discover the full selection at