MPOWERD® Luci® Lights, Turning Ten, Product Expansion, and Impacting the World

MPOWERD®  Luci® Lights, Turning Ten, Product Expansion, and Impacting the World

A reflection on where they’ve been and the bright future ahead.

Celebrating its 10th year in business, MPOWERD announced that it is launching an array of exciting new products, and introducing a brand new product line; Viri® Solar Energy Storage Tiles. Founded in 2012, MPOWERD is a Benefit Corporation and Certified B Corporation and has been creating solar lighting options with innovation and impact at its core. With the announcement of the new Viri line, MPOWERD is continuing its tradition of providing sustainable product options to people all around the world.

Over the past decade, MPOWERD has grown from its wildly successful original inflatable solar light to over 16 unique products that serve people worldwide for various needs. From Solar String Lights to Solar Bike Lights, all fully patented, Luci lights are sold in over 7,500 retailers, including REI, Amazon, Anaconda, Decathlon, MEC, to name a few. 

Viri, which is derived from the Latin words "power" and “green,” is a natural evolution and extension of Luci, which is derived from Luc or "light." Complementing Luci's transformative design, expansion and modularity are at the heart of the Viri platform. Viri provides solutions for all price points and needs while amplifying MPOWERD's mission of providing portable clean energy and expanding opportunities. Viri truly puts the "power" in MPOWERD. 


The innovative modular Solar Power Bank will be the first Viri product to hit the market. With the ability to combine multiple power banks to accumulate power or increase the solar panel size, these chargers can live independently or as a collective microgrid. With this adaptive modularity, they can conform to one’s personal power needs from mobile phones to larger electronic devices. Following the Company's mission-oriented approach, Viri will provide people the freedom to create energy independently, customized to an individual's needs. 

Since its founding, impact and sustainability have always been central to the Company's mission. MPOWERD Founder, Inventor, and Chief Business Development Officer John Salzinger created a business model with a novel tiered structure, where sales here at home offset the costs to emerging markets and disaster relief. He also created the Give Luci Program that enables consumers and corporations to participate in the MPOWERD movement of delivering light and power to those in disaster or humanitarian crises. Therefore, expanding into solar power storage is a natural and necessary product path for the Company. 

“MPOWERD has grown up!” says Salzinger. "The business model I constructed has proven to be a true vehicle for change. That said, it takes a village and I am grateful to all those who have contributed during this incredible voyage, including Seungah Jeong, who has been a great partner in the business. We have collectively shown how one can and should make a positive impact on our world while leading a business with purpose."

10 Year Metrics


Seungah Jeong joined MPOWERD in 2016 as the President and CEO. Since then, the Company has expanded its product assortment, established itself as a significant brand in the outdoor industry, increased sales across the board, and furthered positive impact initiatives worldwide. 

MPOWERD’s impact work is illustrated by the 3.9 million lives they have affected in emerging markets and emergency response situations. By working with NGOs and non-profit organizations, MPOWERD distributes Luci Lights into the hands of people who need them most. A recent example of this was utilizing contributions to their Give Luci Program to deliver Luci Lights to Ukrainian refugees. In addition to social impact, the Company's commitment to reducing emissions and the global carbon footprint are reinforced by the 3.2 million tons of CO2 that Luci lights have averted in emerging markets. 

"Air pollution, deforestation, and ever-increasing natural disasters - our earth faces many challenges right now,” Jeong affirmed. “From reducing CO2 emissions to minimizing single-use products, we aim to make the biggest impact we can in the hope of inspiring others to take action too." 

MPOWERD was recently selected as a Finalist in the Outdoor Retailer 2022 Inspiration Awards for its contributions to social and environmental change and as a part of Real Leaders Top 50 2022 Eco Innovation Award list, among many other honors and awards over the past ten years for product innovation and impact initiatives. 

About MPOWERD: MPOWERD is on a mission to transform lives with thoughtfully designed, clean technology. As a Certified B Corporation and Benefit Corporation, MPOWERD sets strict standards, ensuring that its work enhances both society and the environment. The Company's innovative products give people the power of self-reliance as well as moments of wonder—because everyone deserves to be empowered and inspired regardless of where or how they live. Support the MPOWERD mission at