MPOWERD® Launches first-of-its-kind Luci® Beam Solar Headlamp and Flashlight

MPOWERD® Launches first-of-its-kind Luci® Beam Solar Headlamp and Flashlight

Lighting the Way.

MPOWERD has combined its signature solar-powered innovation with an intuitive design and created the first-of-its-kind 2-in-1 Headlamp and Flashlight, Luci Beam. Available to customers beginning today, the long-lasting and rechargeable light delivers impressive performance with the ability to switch from handheld to headlamp in a snap and is designed for both outdoor adventures and at-home or emergency use.  

Luci Beam Solar Headlamp and Flashlight delivers up to 300 lumens, has a water-resistant body for inclement weather conditions, and has a dual-use adjustable strap making it both compact, durable, and ready for any task, hands-free or otherwise. Recharging is simple and sustainable through the built-in solar panel in eight hours of direct sunlight or through a convenient USB option if low on time or daylight, in just less than two hours. 

Luci Beam Headlamp + Flashlight

Available on beginning on September 15 for $64.95, Luci Beam will be ready to search the attic, assist with the next project, illuminate a trail, fix a flat, or set up a tent. 

“It’s a must-have for every first responder and an essential item for every home,” explains MPOWERD’s Founder and Chief Business Development Officer, John Salzinger. “Having a Luci Beam nearby is peace of mind knowing you’ll be prepared for anything.”

When power outages are becoming more common due to changing and more extreme weather, homes need to be prepared with alternative energy options, like solar, for light and power. 

MPOWERD has developed products with aggregated technologies, clean energy, and thoughtful design for over ten years. Their products span from inflatable solar lantern models, solar string lights, Bluetooth® connected products, bike lights, and more. With this new headlamp and flashlight combination, MPOWERD aims to provide a clean, reliable, and easily portable light whenever and however it may be needed. 

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