MPOWERD Inc. Leadership Visit Puerto Rico 6 Months After Hurricane Maria

MPOWERD Inc. Leadership Visit Puerto Rico 6 Months After Hurricane Maria

 After deploying more than 80,000 solar lights through its partners, MPOWERD leadership connects with volunteers and organizations still working to restore normalcy in Puerto Rico. 

NEW YORK (April 18, 2018) – As of March 2018—6 months after Hurricane Maria—more than half of Puerto Rico was still without power. In an effort to bring light to those still in need, MPOWERD Inc. CEO, Seungah Jeong, and Co-founder, John Salzinger, visited the island in mid-March to connect with their on-the-ground partners who are distributing Luci lights to the hardest hit areas.  

“There continue to be brownouts almost every day, even in the capital city San Juan. Imagine trying to re-establish your business without electricity,” Co-founder John Salzinger reflects on his time in Puerto Rico. “Further out in the more rural region of Ciales, we met a thirteen-year-old boy who charges his Luci everyday before school so that he and his mother can have light each night in the one room of their home that still stands.”

MPOWERD created an inflatable solar light called Luci®, with the goal of making an affordable, clean energy product that people can use in any situation—from outdoor adventures and backyard parties to everyday living for individuals in emerging markets without access to electricity.

Through a multi-channelled effort, MPOWERD has deployed over 80,000 solar Luci lights in Puerto Rico, allowing people to return to some form of normalization of life, such as doing homework and cooking after dark. MPOWERD’s work with Save the Children is a powerful example of how a personal solar light can fill a void when infrastructure is down.

“Our company offers both immediate and longer-term relief by providing reliable, waterproof, and durable inflatable solar lights to individuals and families in need,” said CEO Seungah Jeong. “MPOWERD joined forces with incredible partners like All Hands, All Hearts—an organization focused on a smart response strategy to help speed up recovery after natural disasters. Together with our partners, we can help build resilience while preparing communities in Puerto Rico for future events.”

Other notable NGO’s that MPOWERD has worked with in Puerto Rico include; Rock Steady for Life, Oxfam International, The Humane Society, International Medical Corps, and C+Feel=Hope.

About MPOWERD: MPOWERD is a Brooklyn-based B Corp dedicated to making personal clean energy products that are innovative, easy to use and sustainable—in every sense of the word. We believe companies have the means and responsibility to empower as many people as possible, because we all have a stake in a brighter future. Our purpose is to provide everyone with access to affordable, quality, renewable technology, no matter where or how they live.

Since 2012, millions of Luci lights have been distributed to more than 90 countries around the world. With the help of over 500 NGO partners, 2.6 million lives have been impacted in emerging markets. Through these non-profits alone, 250,000 US tons of CO2 have been averted through the deployment of Luci lights. Learn more at

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