MO Summit 2022—Seungah Jeong

MO Summit 2022—Seungah Jeong

Our CEO & President, Seungah Jeong, continues to shine as an impact leader dedicated to bettering the world.

We are delighted to announce that Seungah has secured a spot in the MO 100, a ranking of the 100 Top Impact CEOs globally. She is part of an incredible group of leaders driving an exciting segment of the economy and demonstrating that every transaction has the potential for prosperity and positive impact.

How has the theme of regeneration – of breaking down to break through – played out in your career?

As true change requires systemic inequalities to be understood and then dismantled, I’ve spent my career focusing on who is not at the decision-making table and why. From a product and marketing perspective, this includes respecting people as consumers and understanding how to meet their needs and wants, no matter their socioeconomic status and access to resources. From a business perspective, this includes understanding that innovation and partnerships can generate unique solutions to more regenerative patterns of considering people and the planet, in addition to profit.

What does being an ‘impact leader’ mean to you?

An impact leader means embodying and consistently leading with clarity and purpose around the values important to the organization and the impact it seeks to achieve.


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