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Hike and Help in Nepal With Backpacker

Hike and Help in Nepal With Backpacker

You want to deliver much-needed solar lights.

In the remote villages of the Himalayas, electricity is either nonexistent or spotty at best. That means the majority of people rely on oil lamps or fire for light, which are bad for the environment and the air quality, especially in small, poorly ventilated mountain homes. We partner with MPOWERD to bring Luci solar lanterns to these communities, equipping them with free, clean light.

In April 2022, we distributed more than 200 Luci solar lanterns in the Nar Phu valley. (Photo: Dennis Lewon)


Making a difference with every purchase

Each product sold helps us provide clean energy to people around the world who need it most. Through your participation, we are able to create positive social and environmental impact.


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