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Best String Light: MPOWERD Luci String Lights

Best String Light: MPOWERD Luci String Lights

This has quickly become one of our favorite camping lights. Ten individual light pods are spread across 18 feet of braided nylon cord, allowing you to light up a large area. It charges fully in about 8 hours via USB or 16 hours via solar. We recommend charging it up prior to camping and then using solar to keep it topped off throughout.

We particularly like the way these lights store in themselves. Simply wrap the string lights into the solar base and twist closed. Pro tip: Be sure to avoid too many overlapping bulbs or it will become too bulky to close.

We’ve used these string lights nearly every day for 6 months, and they’re still going strong. The color is a pleasing, warm light yellow, and we’ve been impressed with how bright it gets on the highest setting. A favorite option for adding a bit of camp ambiance or brightening up the backyard.

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