MPOWERD Inc. and Durbin Sign Global Deal to Distribute Solar Lights for Humanitarian Aid

MPOWERD Inc. and Durbin Sign Global Deal to Distribute Solar Lights for Humanitarian Aid

New York, NY – May 18, 2015: MPOWERD Inc., the maker of Luci inflatable solar lights, announced today that they have signed a 5-year deal with one of the world’s leading medical supply distributors, UK & US-based Durbin Group.  

The deal significantly expands the presence of MPOWERD’s solar lights in the NGO and humanitarian aid sector, as Durbin will market the lights throughout its vast network of charitable clients in 180 countries. The companies project that millions of units will be distributed over the course of the 5 year contract. 

“Our company has always sought to do good by doing well,” says Scott Kling, President & CEO of MPOWERD. “While Luci lights are becoming wildly popular with U.S. consumers – and abroad in now 80 countries – our product is also designed to serve as a solution for the billions living without electricity. We often take for granted access to light, but it has tremendous implications across education, economics, safety and health.” 

MPOWERD and Durbin are both socially-conscious companies that work across developed and developing markets and share a philosophy on the role business can play in improving global human conditions. MPOWERD, a benefit corporation, leverages its high volume retail sales in the U.S. to drive down unit costs and offer lower price points to energy-challenged populations. The young company is exponentially growing – already in 15 of the top 20 outdoor industry stores, supermarket chains like Wegman’s, and retail giants like Best Buy, Lowe’s and Amazon. 

“We are delighted to partner with Durbin,” says John Salzinger, Co-founder and Chief Business Development Officer. “They are a distinguished leader in global aid that shares our commitment to addressing challenges in both developed and developing countries. Our partnership supports the idea that corporate growth and social progress can and should be aligned – and that the two can actually thrive off one another.”

Durbin’s charitable clients range from multilateral UN agencies to individual Rotary Clubs. The company has a highly experienced logistics team with rapid deployment capabilities following a disaster. 

“Working with MPOWERD is very exciting for us,” says Leslie Morgan OBE DL, Durbin’s CEO. “It extends our offering to international charities and relief agencies – but most importantly, it allows us to bring the benefits of Luci lights to more people across the world. MPOWERD’s lights provide a substantial step forward in emergency and mobile lighting and we are pleased to be part of their growth.”


As a socially conscious, award-winning consumer products company, MPOWERD Inc. develops and manufactures game-changing personal clean energy products for use by people living and playing on and off the grid. MPOWERD is a Certified B Corp committed to transforming people’s lives and protecting the planet by making its products available and accessible the world over.

About Durbin

Durbin is a specialist distributor to over 180 countries. Durbin works in partnership with global charities, relief organizations and local groups to provide the necessary pharmaceutical, medical and emergency equipment to enable relief efforts and nurture development. Durbin is an ethical and responsible company with a proportion of all profits contributed to charitable causes. Durbin’s CEO Leslie Morgan was awarded an OBE from Queen Elizabeth II for his services to the Pharmaceutical Industry and Charity in 2013.


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