Purchasing Luci Lights

How much does shipping cost?

It depends on where you live. Costs are calculated during checkout, so you'll see the total shipping cost before you buy.

Can I order from outside the U.S.?

You can order from anywhere in the world!

Can I send them as gifts?

Please do! Just make sure your shipping address and billing address are different.

Can I track my order?

Of course! You’ll get an email with the tracking number once it ships. If you don’t get your email, please contact Customer Service at cs@mpowerd.com and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Are there discounts for large orders?

Yes! Find out if you qualify by emailing sales@mpowerd.com.

Is it possible to co-brand with Luci lights?

Yes! Get the details by emailing myluci@mpowerd.com.

Are MPOWERD products available in stores?

Oh yeah, big time. We're in 700 retailers in the US alone. If you're the type of person who goes to a website for info, but still loves the ol' brick & mortar, email cs@mpowerd.com and we'll tell you where to find the closest store.

Do you have a product warranty?

Yep. All of our products have a one-year warranty for manufacturing-related issues from the date of receipt. Have a question about yours? Contact us!

What is your return policy?

If you bought a Luci light through our website, you can return it within 30 days of purchase, no questions asked, as long as it's unopened. If you bought at a store, you'll need to check their specific return policy. We also have a 1 year warranty in case you run into any issues with your light! For more info on returns, please reach out to Customer Service at cs@mpowerd.com.


February 18, 2016

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