About Luci Lights

How does it work?

Luci's solar panels absorb the sun's UV rays, which are then stored in its lithium battery until you're ready to use it. In direct sunlight, it's fully charged in 8 hours. On overcast or rainy days, because there's so much less UV light that gets through cloud cover, we'd recommend you leave it for 2 days to ensure as full a charge as possible.

It's that simple – everything you need to use (and reuse) a Luci light you've got already. In fact, they're so hassle free, you don't need to worry about leaving it out too long. There's a built-in surge protector.

When fully charged, how many hours of light does it give?

A Luci can last up to 12 hours, but it really depends on the model and the setting you're using. For more info, go the page of the Luci you bought. Visit the shop page

How long does the product last?

If you fully charge and then use up the entire battery every day, you'll get about 3 years of use out of just one Luci. For the more occasional user, a Luci light can last up to 7 years!

If I'm not using Luci all the time, how often should I recharge it?

A Luci light will retain 95% of its charge for each month it's in storage. In other words, if you were to stow it away on January 1, you'd still have more than half the charge come October!

How bright is Luci?

Luci Original, Outdoor, Lux & Color will light up an area of 150 square feet (14 square meters).

Our smaller Luci EMRG will do the same for 100 square feet (9 square meters).

How long do the LED bulbs last?

You'll never need to worry about replacing the bulbs, the LEDs will last for the entire life of your Luci.

Can it be used outside? What about in the water?

Yes – and we highly recommend it! Because of their unique inflatable design, Luci lights are shatterproof, IP67 waterproof (it can go a full meter underwater) and they float! No need to worry about chlorine or salt, either. Pools, lakes, oceans, all are fair game.

Can Luci lights work in all temperatures and climates? 

Luci lights can function in temperatures as cold as 15°F (-10°C) and as hot as 122°F (50°C). One example of a no-no is leaving your Luci light on your black colored car dashboard on a hot summer day, as temperatures can reach well above 122°F (up to 160°F). 

Is there any risk of electric shock or burns from a Luci light?

Nope. Everything's safely sealed within. Unlike candles or traditional bulbs, Luci doesn't give off heat.

I can't seem to inflate the Luci. What am I missing?

First, check the handy icons on the inside packaging. Still having trouble? It's like a beach ball, so make sure you're pinching the two-way leak proof valve with your fingers or teeth while blowing into it. To deflate, pinch the valve again while compressing the unit to let air escape.

I'm having trouble charging or using my light. What should I do?

Make sure you're charging your light with the solar panel facing direct sunlight and remember that a full charge takes about 8 hours. If you're still having trouble, check the user manual or you can always contact Customer Service.


February 18, 2016

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February 18, 2016

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