WFH... Wellness From Home

WFH... Wellness From Home

Working from home during the day and then moving to another room at night can begin to take its toll. Add a bunch of other stresses on top of that and you'll begin to see why staying healthy means more than just a socially distanced run in the park. There are some simple ways to maintain - or start - wellness routines while we're in the confines of our homes. Here are six of our top tips for wellness while sheltering in place.



Create a routine

Although the pandemic has turned our world upside down, creating a routine is a great way to restore order and create a balance between work and relaxation. Try creating schedules throughout the day to ensure a consistent and familiar way of living, such as eating dinner at a set time every night, or designating time for exercise.




It's essential to reconnect with your body and mind while staying indoors. Transform your living space into the serene yoga studio of your dreams. Add a little relaxing ambient light to the mix and you're ready to go! Shop Luci Candle



Get organized

Not only is decluttering a great way to make your living space more enjoyable, it is also excellent for your mental health. Our living spaces can often be considered a reflection of our lives, and this is a great way to shake the funk you have been feeling.



Have a spa day - you deserve it

Grab your fluffiest robe, a few slices of cumber and your favorite mud mask, and have a spa day. Treat yourself to a night of relaxation and self-care. Having a spa day is a great way to promote relaxation during your social distancing.




Journaling a great way to get your thoughts on paper and reconnect with your mind. The quarantine can be a very scary and frustrating time that can leave you feeling mentally drained. Jotting down your thoughts is a great way to release stress while also taking the time to reflect on your thoughts and feelings. Try writing down goals and activities you would like to do after quarantine restrictions are lifted.



Stay connected with others

It’s common for the feeling of loneliness to creep in while self-isolating. Connecting with others can relieve stress and create a sense of normalcy in a time of chaos. Checking up on others can not only make you feel happy, but may make others feel happy as well.


Stay home and stay safe.