String, Stake, or Carry: 12 Ways to Use Your Luci Site Lights

String, Stake, or Carry: 12 Ways to Use Your Luci Site Lights

There is more than one way to climb a tree, and with our brand-new Luci Site Lights, there are infinite ways to light up your space. No matter where you are, the innovative Luci Anywhere Solar LED Lights allow you to string, stake, or carry light wherever you need. Featuring six hangable lights, six near-indestructible ABS stakes, and one sleek charging case for storage, Luci Site Lights illuminate any scene for up to 20 hours on a single charge!

Now, we’ve seen some pretty creative uses from our customers, from illuminating guylines to creating a custom table lamp, it’s no surprise that these little light-up beauties can be used however you may need! Below we have compiled a list of 12 unique ways people are already using our Luci Site Lights:

Luci Solar Anywhere Lights Dog Illumination

1. Attach to your dog’s collar during nighttime walkies. 

Unfortunately for us, we do not have as good of eyesight as our furry four-legged friends. However, fortunately for us, we can use Site Lights to light up our walks in the early morning or late evening. No tripping or stepping in anything unlucky with these lights on you.


Luci Solar Anywhere Lights Tent Illumination

2. Illuminate your campsite to avoid tripping hazards. 

While camping, there always seems to be something to trip over from tent stakes to tree roots. Safely light your way to navigate through these traps and toe-busters to avoid pulling out the first aid kid or ruining the rest of your adventure when an ankle injury. 


Luci Solar Anywhere Lights Camp Lights

3. A few “stringless” string lights. 

Conveniently for you, they are both hangable and weatherproof, so can provide the perfect overhead illumination. Just hang ‘em, and leave ‘em until they need a little charging boost, then pop ‘em in the case for some daylight rays.


Luci Solar Anywhere Lights Table Lamp

4. Create a bespoke table lamp.

It’s a vibe. Add a unique way to light up your cozy home setting that’ll get folks talking at your next book club gathering or social event. Luckily, Site Lights are shatterproof in case of accidental bumping and knocking. 


Luci Solar Anywhere Lights Airplane Light

5. Brighten up air time. 

No more reaching over the person next to you and shining a glaring light in their face on your next flight. Don’t be that guy. Luci Site lights are TSA-safe for air travel and a polite travel companion for all on board.


Luci Solar Anywhere Lights Plant Light

6. Stake one in and illuminate your plant baby! 

If you really want to impress your friends with your green thumb, make your garden even greener with sustainable solar-powered Site Lights. Illuminate those monsteras, fiddle-leafs, and snake plants, and give them the spotlight they deserve!


Luci Solar Anywhere Lights Reading Light

7. Nighttime reading without disturbing your partner. 

It’s inevitable. A night owl always finds a match in an early riser. When you can’t put down your latest page-turner, pick up a Site Light to continue the suspense without risking a night on the couch!


Luci Solar Anywhere Lights Backyard String Lights

8. String up some sun in the backyard. 

We are always trying to spend as much time outside in the evenings as we can. It’s a special time to unwind, unplug, get grounded, and just chill. Go ahead and toss a few steaks on the grill, have a patio picnic, and get in one last push on the swing before bedtime, all carefully illuminated by Luci Site Lights.


Luci Solar Anywhere Lights Backyard Ground Lights

9. ...or create some ground illumination in the backyard! 

Let’s not risk an ankle buster. Switch from hangable string light to illuminated stake, and light up the ground in uneven terrain to continue enjoying time outside into the wee hours. 


Luci Solar Anywhere Lights Home Lights

10. Save the electricity bill and brighten up the living room. 

In times like these, we all are looking for ways to save a dime here and there. Solar technology is free and renewable! Once you make your initial purchase, you can use MPOWERD Luci Solar Anywhere Lights over and over and over again. Alternate using solar lights inside your home in the evenings, and then just set them in the sunlight all day to recharge the internal batteries.


Luci Solar Anywhere Lights Pathway Lights

11. Light your pathway. 

The comings and goings of life can keep us on the go at all hours. By keeping the ways around your home lit, you can prevent unnecessary spills when juggling your travel mug, snacks, backpacks, etc. on your way out to the car. Also, lighting up the exterior of your home helps to deter intruders. Keep your entry points well-lit and tell them to smile for the camera. 


Luci Solar Anywhere Lights

12. Have fun with it! 

Adventure awaits and Luci Site Lights are up for the journey. They’ve got three light modes, can illuminate up to 1,000 sq.feet (total), and are incredibly durable for even the most rugged terrain.

Just imagine how you might use MPOWERD’s solar-powered, versatile Site Lights… 

Show us your favorite way to maximize your Luci lights by tagging us on social media (@mpowerdinc), and we’ll share with our adventure aficionados, vanlifers, and general solar lovers.