"She Explores" Review

By Laura Hughes, originally published by She Explores here    

This year I began living on the road alongside my boyfriend in a campervan we built ourselves, and it opened up endless doors to adventure and outdoor travel. Home to me sits on the back roads of the high desert, in my decade-old backpacking bag, and among canyon walls under a blanket of stars. This long-term nomadic way of travel has underscored the benefits of packing light and finding quality equipment that leaves minimal impact on the environment. Lighting is essential, but headlamps and other lanterns usually come with an added weight and size, and are typically not the most earth-friendly. MPOWERD’s Luci solar-powered lights change all of that with their lightweight, collapsible design, leaving a positive impression on my travels and the earth.

MPOWERD Luci Light Review

What to love about MPOWERD’s Luci lights:

Ease of use. The Luci lights are operate on 2 simple buttons and have a few different lighting options (default, bright, and flashing) that change with just a click. Each lantern has a sleek strap on top to make hanging and charging easy. Clip it to the ceiling, string it up over a tree, or use a carabiner to take charging on the go.

Perfectly packable.  These lanterns are one of the lightest, smallest pieces of equipment I ever pack. Their inflatable quality makes it easy to slip deflated Luci lights into bags of any size, or keep on the dashboard so you’re always charged up.

MPOWERD Luci Light Review

Elegant design and a variety of colors. MPOWERD designed Luci lanterns in a modern, minimalist way that brings light to your tent, camper, or trail with class. You can also decide how you want to set the mood with the wide variety of colors available, so whether it’s a reading light or forest dance party you seek, you can make it happen with these lights.

Made for the outdoors. While modern and sleek, these lights are still rugged! Waterproof and easy to clean, and their effective solar charging means you’ll use less alkaline batteries, create less CO2, and stay more connected to the environment as you travel! Plus, if the sun’s out, you’re charging. It couldn’t be more simple.

MPOWERD Luci Light Review

Price point on point. Quality equipment that doesn’t break the bank means that you can light up your adventures without thinking twice.

MPOWERD created something that makes outdoor travel brighter by leveraging our natural solar resources. That’s something to shine a light on! 

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