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Partnership With A 100-Year Old

Partnership With A 100-Year Old

Here at MPOWERD, we are incredibly grateful to our partners who have helped us positively impact over 3.7 million lives around the world to date. Our nonprofit partners have made it possible for children to study at night, for entrepreneurs to keep their businesses open longer, and for communities to be resilient after disaster strikes.

In 2019, we launched a year-long initiative with Save the Children during their centennial year with the commitment that we would increase our contribution of lights to 10,000 — double the amount of lights compared to all previous years combined!

Save the Children 1

From Afghanistan to Vietnam, and Mozambique to Romania, our lights were used by people all around the world. These lights went to children and teachers in Malawi, children in Afghanistan who don’t have reliable access to electricity, children in communities across the US affected by natural disasters, and many more beneficiaries of Save the Children’s far-reaching programs. The ultimate goal of this initiative was to increase study hours for children, boosting literacy rates as a result. Additionally, the lights provided an extra layer of safety and security in the face of natural disasters.

We are extremely proud of our partnership and humbled to be included in Save the Children’s centennial celebrations. Together, we made a difference to thousands of lives, and this is something that we wouldn’t be able to do without the help of our partners and supporters throughout the years.

Save the Children 2

Save the Children 3

Support our work with amazing organizations like Save the Children by donating a light here!

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