MPOWERD Women for International Women's Day

MPOWERD Women for International Women's Day

Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day are great reminders that gender equality, equal opportunity, women’s rights, and more can be achieved with strength in numbers and unwavering dedication. However, there are issues that still continue to challenge women all around the world, even today in 2023. Raising awareness of these issues, as well as shining light on the hardworking women who continue to be leaders, achievers, role models, extreme multitaskers, and trailblazers across industries, are undoubtedly inspiring and indeed necessary.  


MPOWERD President & CEO Seungah Jeong shares a bit about her story.

Talk a little about being a woman CEO in the business community, specifically in the outdoor industry. 

"While there are many exemplary women who are engaged with the outdoor industry in a variety of different facets, there are admittedly very few women at the helm of outdoor and sporting goods companies. I think there’s a deep history of men founding companies in the outdoor industry based on innovations they’ve created to enhance their recreational experiences. With that said, this is a unique industry that highly values our shared public lands and understands that this comes with a certain responsibility. Combined with a healthy respect for a hard-earned adventure and a love of great gear and innovation, I think this industry is an ideal place to welcome and nurture more female leaders."

What is something important to you as a female leader? 

"It is important for me to create an environment whereby diversity of all types can be recognized and supported. By this, I mean that individuals may have unique backgrounds and experiences, and the way in which we all show up may look different. Fostering an environment that allows for these important differences may include ensuring that there is space for different types of communication styles and perspectives. Ultimately, there is only one area where I believe there is no room for interpretation, and that is in ensuring equal benefits, pay, opportunities, and rewards for women and men equally, based on qualifications and contributions."

How do you feel you might best support the next generation of women in the workforce? 

"I never thought I would find myself in this position of representing women. However, throughout my career, I have faced discrimination based on my gender, and I have grown to understand that by speaking honestly and candidly about my experiences, I can support others. I also try to provide mentorship and guidance to the next generation of women by discussing the things that may not be taught - how to negotiate a raise; how to ensure you are being treated fairly; how to advocate for a healthier work environment, etc. Although both men and women may face similar challenges, I have witnessed women resorting to societal stereotypes to “soften” their voices in these situations."  


Thank you, MPOWERD Women!

“We have an incredible team at MPOWERD of people who are great at what they do and who care deeply about our mission. Since this is a time to reflect on the great contributions of women, however, I would love to share that we have amazingly talented women both leading and supporting our internal departments as well as our external clients. I am so proud of the fact that all of them are leaders in their own rights - whether achieving the impossible feat of delivering our lights after a natural disaster or humanitarian crisis, personally testing each new product that we launch, to developing compelling ways of engaging our customers – our female employees truly do it all!”

- Seungah Jeong, MPOWERD President & CEO


MPOWERD Women are mindful, have integrity, hold themselves accountable, persevere, have incredible empathy, are motivated, creative, mothers, dog moms, adventurers, explorers, inclusive, diverse, and are M-POWER-D!