3 Reasons to Light up your SUP with Luci

3 Reasons to Light up your SUP with Luci

By Guest Author: Diana Lee


Lights make our lives easier, but they can also add to safety and the ambiance. These features also apply while on the water on a stand-up paddleboard! 

As someone who's been stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) for almost 12 years, I’m all about safety and fun paddling experiences. I have used MPOWERD Luci Solar Lights for many years while camping, on road trips, and other outdoor and indoor uses. And because the lights are lightweight, easily rechargeable, and most importantly, waterproof, I use them for SUP as they expand my paddling opportunities while keeping me safe!

Here are five reasons why MPOWERD Luci lights have become part of my essential SUP gear list.

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1. Safety

Safety is always first! In my hometown, Toronto, Canada, there’s no shortage of places to paddle, and I often paddle into the night*. Having several lights on my SUP helps me be more visible to the other non-motorized or motorized vessels active at night (e.g. motorboats, sailboats, ferries, cargo ships). 

*Paddling at night comes with more risks than paddling during daytime hours. In addition to lights, I do several other things to increase safety at night, like paddling close to the shoreline.

Before paddling at night – check your skill level and weather conditions. Adventure with a buddy and always wear a SUP leash and life jacket. Check your local authorities for how to operate a paddle craft safely in your location and what safety gear is required. Note that paddling at night might not be allowed where you are.

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2. Visibility During Low-Light Conditions

Even if you don’t paddle at night, lights can help in low-light conditions. Lights can help you see (and be seen) when there are overcast skies, in fog, or when you’re getting ready to go out at sunrise (this can mean setting up at 4 am in darkness) or after your sunset paddles (packing up my board around 9:15 pm in the dark is easier with lights, trust me 😊).

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3. For fun! 

Last but not least, there are so many fun ways to use lights on a SUP! Social paddling events, games, or post-paddle hangouts! Lights, especially the coloured ones, can spark joy (and colour) at any event or activity on or off the water.

While almost any of the MPOWERD lanterns can be used on water, my favourite Luci lights for SUP are: 

The best thing about these lights is that they are environmentally friendly (no batteries to throw out), and every MPOWERD purchase helps contribute to positive social and environmental impact. Read about it here.

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About the Author: Diana Lee lives for adventure, the great outdoors, and SUP! Based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Diana is a certified SUP Instructor, a librarian, and a reporter for Get Out There Magazine. She is also one of the Lake Surfistas, an all-women crew and community that brings together women of all abilities to celebrate surfing, SUP, and SUP surfing, whether it's 32°F OR 32°C out! Find out what she’SUP to @only1phoenixx on Instagram and Twitter.