Don’t Be Caught In The Dark Without The Essentials

Don’t Be Caught In The Dark Without The Essentials

There is no time like right now to start taking steps to be prepared for what life may unexpectedly toss (or hurl) your way. People worldwide experience power outages yearly due to many causes, like extreme weather, natural disasters, etc. So when considering this, how prepared do you feel? Luci Beam 2-in-1 Headlamp + Flashlight is the little solar-powered duo to help add to your list of ways you can feel safer and more prepared for when darkness takes over. 

Here are 5 ways to prepare for the unexpected:

Emergency Preparedness

1. Food. Have a stock of non-perishables. It doesn't have to be just canned green beans or the like. It might also take the form of dehydrated or individually packaged foods packed with sustaining properties like protein and carbohydrates (think performance bars, dehydrated meats or fruits, etc.). If you're really enthusiastic about prepping, consider all of the ways you can utilize canning your own food, from fruits and vegetables to meat!

2. Water Storage. Keep BPA-free jugs or containers filled with water on hand and ensure you change the water every three months for freshness. On average, an adult might drink up to a gallon of water daily. Assess the needs of your household based on how many adults, children, or pets you need to account for, and calculate accordingly. Also, consider other needs for water like cooking, washing hands, flushing toilets manually, and others. Humans consume a lot of water. During power outages, find ways to conserve and use sparingly as best as possible. TIP: Don't waste that old longer-stored water; use it for watering plants, doing laundry, or flushing toilets, but do not drink it or use it for cooking.

Emergency Preparedness 2

3. Light. Much like a Luci Beam or other Luci lights, have an alternative and safe way to light up a space for cooking, starting your generator, or staying visible to others. Solar options are a smart choice that does not present fire risks, burns, or inhalation of harmful kerosene fumes, are rechargeable without the need for throw-away batteries, and are long-lasting.

4. Power. If you are fortunate enough to have a generator, that is an excellent defense against long-lasting power outages. However, they can be expensive. Ensure you have ways to charge a mobile phone for using it to call for help or get in touch with loved ones. Also, consider keeping that prehistoric rotary phone if you live in a location without cell phone service.

5. Shelter. No matter the time of year, having spare blankets, extra hats and gloves, water-proof jackets, and tarps in your home and even in your car can ensure that you stay warm and dry if you need to leave your home.

Emergency Preparedness 3

Power outages or otherwise, be ready for untimely roadside break-downs at night and have the proper hands-free lighting to tackle the attic re-organization or household fix-it project. Be prepared with Luci Beam.