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You've Probably Never Heard of It: The B Corp

We’ve all been there. You’re out with your best friends, your good friends, and Phillip. Phillip’s a friend of a friend’s boyfriend, don’t call him Phil. Phillip wears clothes just like you, but 100% ironically. Phillip studied underwater basket-weaving a college you were pretty sure is only for women. His favorite phrase? “You’ve probably never heard of it.”

The following is the first in a series meant to arm you against the Phillips of the world so that, once in a blue moon, you can answer with “well… actually”

"modern business should be just as much about helping others as it is about helping yourself" 

Episode 1: The B-Corp

Certified B Corps like Ben & Jerry’s, Warby Parker, Patagonia and MPOWERD are for-profit companies that believe in the ‘crazy’ idea that modern business should be just as much about helping others as it is about helping yourself.

Go on…

The upshot is, alongside the standard business stuff, we have our own impact goals. To make it more than talk, B Corps are actually certified, assessed and audited regularly by a non-profit called B Lab. They hold us to really high standards of social & environmental accountability, transparency and performance. See how we’re doing here.

So how do you make a difference?

The more MPOWERD sells in places like the US, the more clean, renewable light we get into the hands of those who need it most. We use retail sales to drive down costs, passing on the savings to those we work with in developing economies. This allows anyone, no matter their circumstances, to own (or sell) our lights at prices they can actually afford.

Give Luci

That sounds awesome, how can I help?

If you’ve bought from us, you already have! Want to take it a step further? Check out Give Luci to buy lights at a reduced price that’ll be sent to our select charity partners.

Better luck next time, Phillip