9 Nineties Fads Making a Comeback

9 Nineties Fads Making a Comeback

The entire world had forgotten the meaning of the word 'subtle'

The 90s were a wild era for American pop-culture. As if the entire world had forgotten the meaning of the word ‘subtle’, it seemed that everything, from fashion to furniture to toys and gadgets, only came in vivid, bright primary colors. Lucky for us, that’s just the way we liked it. In fact, we’re starting to miss it.

1. Light Up Sneakers

Light Up Sneakers

(Source: Bite Size Wellness)

The only pair of shoes that could make you simultaneously the coolest kid at recess and the most annoying at the movie theater.

 2. Lava Lamps

Lava Lamp

(Source: Giphy.com)

Ok, so lava lamps have been around since the 60s, but just as inexplicably as big band swing music, they came back with a vengeance in the last pre Y2K decade.

3. Inflatable Furniture

 Inflatable Furniture

(Source: areavoices.com)

Winner of the “Cool in theory, awful in practice award,” blow-up chairs and couches, aided by the likes of Hillary Duff and Britney, were way more fun to look at than to sit in. Getting up out of one? Forget it.

4. Black Lights 

Black Light

(Source: blacklight.com)

Where you found these bad boys: Mini golf courses; every bar and bat mitzvah, Danny’s totally rad game room. 

5. Lite Brite   

Lite Brite

(Source: Retro Junk)

Ok fine, this one also started in the 60s. To be fair, it’s still going strong now. Wanna feel old? It’s now an app on your phone! 

6. Lisa Frank

 Lisa Frank

(Source: Cookies & Sangria)

Lisa Frank trapper keepers and folders looked like something straight outta Carebears, and you had to have at least two to sit with us. Wait, is that cat dead??! 

7. Fiber Optic Lamps & Plasma Globes

Having one of these:

 Fiber Optic

(Source: Empire State Metals)

plus one of these:

 Plasma Globe

(Source: Giphy)

at a slumber party made you a literal wizard scientist, we don’t care what anyone says. 

8. Mood Rings

 Mood Ring


(Source: Tumblr)

Fun fact, mood rings and pet rocks debuted at about the same time in the 70s, but only the rings made a comeback. Probably because rocks are everywhere, free and, as things that aren’t even alive, terrible pets. 

9. Pogs


(Source: Toysfromthe90s.com)

Like Pokémon cards, 90% of us never bothered to do anything with them besides buy more. I’m not playing “for keeps” when my limited edition Rafiki is on the line, Jimmy Chalmers. 

So how are they making a comeback?

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