5 Extreme Winter Sports That Make Sean White Look Like Betty White

Fairly obvious warning: not for the faint of heart. Not always exactly safe. But insanely fun.

1. Ski Biking

Let’s start with something laid back and well established: replace wheels with skis, and you’ve got yourself a ski bike. Because of the bike’s low center of gravity, it’s still easy to steer on steep slopes.

2. Shovel Racing

Started 40 years ago by bored ski instructors at the end of their shifts (the lifts were closed), Shovel Racing has since evolved into a full-fledged sport. 

3. Snow Kayaking

Yep, so this is real. Basically sledding for adults, there’s a reason you need a helmet and that paddle. Things get real fast, real quick, and you don’t have much control of your kayak. 

4. Ice Yachting

Strap on your helmet and cleats, get a running start, and jump into what is essentially just a giant ice skate with a sail that still manages to top out somewhere past 60 mph.

5. Snowkiting aka Kiteboarding

Think Snowboarding meets Kitesurfing. All you need is a strong wind and you’re good to go. Be careful though, while Snowkiting works with almost any terrain, it requires a lot of physical strength to control and quickly becomes dangerous at great speeds.