10 Ways to Keep America Beautiful Just By Being Lazy

10 Ways to Keep America Beautiful Just By Being Lazy
From California to Utah to Colorado to Massachusetts and everywhere in between, these photos from some of our favorite instagrammers are the reason why #AmericaTheBeautiful is a thing.

This July 4th, let’s remember that the only way to keep it that way is to do something about it. The good news? There are so many ways you can make a real difference RIGHT NOW, and for most, you don’t even have to leave the couch.

1 – Red Rocks Canyon, Colorado - @supertubes

Here’s an idea: install Tab For a Cause, and automatically donate to charities like water.org and Conservation International every time you open a new tab, at NO cost to yourself!


2 – Buffalo Creek Ranch, Nevada - @chrisglass

Shop online more. Seriously. Studies have found that when you cut out the car altogether, you use up less energy and emit less CO2 than you would in-store.


3 – Ashland Reservoir, Massachusetts - @MPOWERDinc

Sorry, we couldn’t resist sharing our own instagram feed. But actually, if you want a zero carbon emissions camping trip, solar products like our Luci lights will make your next adventure as eco-friendly as it is fun.


4 – Sutro Heights, San Francisco, California - @chrisglass

Work from home! Lazy finally pays off...sort of: if you’re constantly turning on lights, opening the fridge, and running appliances while at home, you might end up using more energy than you would driving there. Alternatively, taking public transportation is a guaranteed CO2 saver.


5 – Cedar Breaks National Monument Overlook, Utah - @supertubes

Here’s one mom might not like: stop rinsing your dishes (if you have a dishwasher, that is). Modern washers can take much more than you think, and you’ll save about 5 gallons of water per load!


6 – San Clemente, California - @chrisglass

Same vein: Wait until the last minute to do your laundry. No really, now you finally have an excuse. Especially with high efficiency washers and dryers so available nowadays, you’ll save 20 gallons each time!


7 – Joshua Tree National Park - @timdwright

Here’s a huge one: once a week, go vegetarian. Daunted? It’s estimated you’ll save 84,000 gallons of water, 7,700 square feet of rainforest, 15.5 gallons of fuel and much much more just from not eating meat once every seven days!

PS, light in this photo provided by Luci.


8 – Just Outside Las Vegas - @supertubes

Treat yourself: Stop cleaning your ride manually and go to the car wash! If everyone in the US switched, we’d save nearly 8.7 BILLION gallons of water, and divert another 12 billion gallons of polluting soap water from America’s rivers, lakes and streams.


9 – The great wide open of Minnesota - @supertubes

Go Paperless. You just throw it away anyway. If the USA paid bills exclusively online, we’d save 8.5 million trees, 2.2 billion tons of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, and 1.7 billion pounds of solid waste every year!


10 – Big Bear, California - @supertubes

Share what you’ve learned! The more people that know how easy it is to help the planet, the closer we get to making a real difference.

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