3 Places You Never Thought You’d Be Able To Use Candles... Until Now

Go where no candle has gone before with the newest addition to our collection - Luci Candle! Featuring an innovative flameless flicker as well as a steady amber glow, now you can get the feeling of candlelight for hours on just one solar charge. To celebrate the launch, we’ve rounded up 3 different ways you never thought you’d be able to use a candle - at least until our newest little light came along.

Take it in the bath 

Go ahead - tip it over and watch the flame continue to do its thing. Enjoy the light’s captivating glow in the bathtub, or throw it in the pool and watch solar-powered light dance, dunk and float unlike any other flameless candle out there. This candle isn’t afraid of water.

•  •  •

Safely light the way

Light your pathway with the candle that keeps on keepin’ on. Don’t worry about a little breeze - this flameless solar light is completely windproof, so your Luci will imitate a candle’s flicker no matter the weather (yes - even in the rain or snow).

•  •  •

    Wind down with peace of mind

    Ever want to fall asleep by candlelight but are terrified you’ll burn the place down? Us too! Because it’s completely solar and lasts for hours, Luci Candle gives you peace of mind where traditional candles can’t. Choose between amber candle flicker, steady dim, or steady bright to use as a safe, sustainable nightlight. It’s even safe to use near kids and pets.


    Treat yourself with Luci Candle - available now for $14.95 here.