10 Environmental Practices to Adopt in Everyday Life

10 Environmental Practices to Adopt in Everyday Life

Earth Month reminds us to take a step back and reflect on how our habits might be contributing to climate change. Of course, we acknowledge it's much more than just individuals contributing to the climate crisis. However, it is also important to take individual responsibility for our carbon footprints in order to create widespread change. So we asked around the (virtual) office and compiled a list of some simple yet effective habits that we can adopt into our daily lives. What might you do differently to support the betterment of the planet?

Environmental Practices Compost

Compost your food waste.

Instead of throwing that banana peel in the landfill, keep a covered bowl or bucket accessible in your kitchen to toss your coffee grounds, cooking scraps, or any other compostable products. Pro tip: Compost makes for excellent fertilizer for your vegetable garden.

Adjust your morning coffee routine.

Nix those K-Cups, and brew your coffee at home whenever possible. If you're on the move, bring your own reusable mug to your local coffee shop.

Environmental Practices Commute

Commute sustainably.

If feasible, bike to work (and stay safe while doing so) to reduce commuter emissions, or adopt other practices such as ride-sharing, telecommuting a few days a week, or even walking.

Pack out more than you pack in.

Whether hiking in the backcountry or just taking your dog for a morning stroll around the block, bring a reusable bag and fill it with the waste you find along the way. Then, recycle what you can.

Environmental Practices Reusable Products

Incorporate reusable products. 

Now more than ever, we have more sustainable options for things like shopping bags and water bottles that can be reused and eliminate single-use products. And again, recycle whenever possible!

Donate old items.

Rather than tossing old clothing and household items that you no longer use; donate them. We have also seen a renewed popularity of the "repurposing" trend - the circular economy is the future!

Environmental Practices Reusable Bottle

Ditch the plastic bottles.

Not everyone has access to good drinking water. If possible, switch to a water filtration system in your home instead of buying bottled water. If you're heading out, remember to bring a reusable water bottle with you to stay hydrated!

Shop responsibly.

Swap out your household products that traditionally use plastic containers/jugs for more sustainably designed, ethically sourced options. Today, there are many great products from companies dedicated to sustainable practices, and some also happen to be B Corporation. Examples might be laundry detergent biodegradable sheets, shampoo & conditioner bottle-less alternatives, and toothpaste without the tube.

Environmental Practices Consumption

Reduce your energy consumption. 

Turn off electronics, lights, appliances, water, and other resources when not in use.

Plant a tree or, better yet, multiple!

Adding to our planet's biodiversity is crucial for the earth's health.


We're in this together! #EarthMonth