Luci light in action
  • Light never looked this good

    Streamlined features make the updated Luci cleaner and sleeker, with all the functional durability you'll ever need.

    Clean, sleek design

  • A compact little light

    Luci collapses to just one inch, so you can pack it up and take it with you wherever you need light.

    Collapses to one inch

  • Just add sun

    Charge it in the sun and get up to 12 hours of light. Check the battery life at a glance with the built-in charge indicator.

    Solar powered

Best Seller


Get outside with Luci Outdoor 2.0. Lightweight, compact and rechargeable.

Our Mission

Making the world a brighter place for the 1.5 billion living without electricity through clean, affordable light.


"Thomas Edison would be proud"